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MusicomLAB EFX MK-VI Audio Controller / Switcher

MusicomLAB EFX MK-VI Audio Controller / Switcher

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The EFX MK-VI Audio Controller is the ultimate floor-based all-in-one switching system. The EFX MK-VI is a compact, easy to use, has 12 fully programmable loops, 4 function switches and a MIDI foot-controller. The EFX MK-VI has a powerful MIDI function, so it can also be used with rack-based rig.

12 audio loops. 11 mono loops and 1 mono-send/stereo-return loop.

ProgrammableˍG loop order per each preset.

The order of Loop 1 and loop 2 is fixed.

3 buffers. Input buffer, output buffer and buffer in loop 6.

Each buffer can be enabled/disabled by IA switch.

2 internal Volume-controllers.

Volume-controllers also are used for Carry-over between presets.

2 volume values can be stored for each preset.

4 function switches via two TRS jack.

Create up to 900 presets (180 banks x 5 presets) and 1 global preset.

Create up to 900 songs.

Organize the 900 Songs into 64 sets of 120 songs.

Switches can be assigned to the user's preference.

Clickless function for reducing popping noise.

ISO OUT that prevent to occur ground hum noise and phase issue.

Transmits 16 MIDI (PC, CC, Note, etc) messages, when a preset is changed.

Transmits 8 MIDI (PC, CC, Note, etc) messages when the switch assigned to page is pressed.

Transmits MIDI Time Clock and synchronizes with Function Switches.

Tap tempo for both MIDI-compatible pedals and any pedals that have external tap input jack.

BPM can be stored in each bank preset and song preset.

Two foot switches can be connected to the XPDL jack.

USB Connection to a PC or MAC.

Easily copy presets, songs, sets and switches.

Graphic LCD display that can display preset/song titles and other status.

Easily copy presets, banks, songs and sets

Easily name presets, songs, sets, pages and switches

Heavy-duty footswitches

Powered by 9VDC(center negative) 250mA

Dimensions : 388(W) x 110(D) x 68(H) mm

15.3(W) x 4.3(D) x 2.7(H) inches

Weight : 1,400 g / 3.1 lbs

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