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Chris Campbell Strings

Chris Campbell Custom Nickel Steel Electric Guitar Strings

Chris Campbell Custom Nickel Steel Electric Guitar Strings

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Chris Campbell Custom Nickel Steel Electric Guitar Strings are made in the USA, with high attention to manufacturing detail for the best possible sound and feel.

From the Manufacturer:

For over 30 years, I have been fortunate enough to work with thousands of artists, learning their guitar string preferences, and designing specific strings to fit their needs. I am confident you will agree that my new guitar strings are the best possible for your guitar.
— Thank you for choosing Chris Campbell Custom Wound Strings.

What others are saying about Chris Campbell Custom Wound Strings:

"The Strings are amazing Chris, seriously the best strings I have used. I had my tech string every guitar I own with them. I also had my buddy George who plays for the Black Eyed Peas try them a few weeks ago and he was blown away."

- Hayden Maringer - Musical Director. Touring/Session Guitarist. Producer. Arranger.

"The strings...I changed them on the 2nd day of sessions. They sound so crisp and are really easy to play. I love'em!!"

- Randy Bowland - Session and touring guitarist. Producer. Arranger.

"Hey Chris! Really am loving the strings, I've been recommending them to every bassist I know so hopefully the Liverpool bass playing scene all gets as hooked as I am to Chris Campbell Strings asap! They just feel so light its unbelievable!"

- Karl Sweeney - Bassist

"Love the strings! They are absolutely brilliant! I've snapped so much less, and they feel great even after a weeks worth of gigs."

- Jack Gardiner - Guitarist (Check him out on YouTube!)

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